Our Services


It is led by experienced senior Nephrologists. The hospital is equipped with 20 dialysis machines it has been doing state of art Haemodialysis for the past 30 years and has been treating various patients with chronic and acute renal failure cases. The hospital has dedicated dialysis machines for HbsAg +ve and HCV +ve patients. The hospital has performed multiple no of renal transplantations. The hospital has its own RO water plant.


It is led by senior Urologists. The hospital deals with all kinds of Urological & Andrology problems.
All kinds of Endo urological, Laparoscopic and Laser Surgeries are performed. Reconstructive urology is also done.

General Medicine

Deals with all kinds of medical problems. The department has also people with expertise in dealing with diabetes, thyroid and other medical problems. The hospital has a dedicated medical ICU with 24/7 critical care intensivists.

General Surgery

All kinds of open and laparoscopic surgeries are performed.


Deals with all kinds of minor to major surgeries. Arthroscopy and reconstruction done by qualified dedicated Arthroscopic surgeons.